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Connect with our team of chefs and food scientists to learn about custom quoting for consulting projects.

Wow Your Customers, Every Time

Serve delicious, convenient sous-vide products to experiment with textures and flavors, from savory to sweet.

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Established in 1991, CREA offers online, offsite, and on-site culinary courses for cooks and chefs of all backgrounds and work experience levels.

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Discover and watch how this revolutionary technique is transforming kitchens around the world.

Sous Vide Dark Assembly Kitchens

Create outstanding at-home dining experiences by embracing the evolving retail environment and reacting to changing needs.


We pioneered the sous vide cooking method in 1971 and have been changing the culinary landscape ever since. Learn how our innovations are helping chefs around the world run safe, efficient kitchens that deliver memorable dining experiences.

Industries We Serve

CREA, Culinary Research & Education Academy
We’ve trained over 80% of all 3-star Michelin chefs around the world at our CREA Academy.

“You have a lot of control (with sous-vide cooking). Waste control, temperature control which helps with the safety, and it’s always moist.”

Mario Garcia

Executive Chef, Hilton Chicago

Meet Our Chefs

Gerard Bertholon

Chief Strategy Officer

“We’re our biggest critics, which allows us to stay ahead and be the world leader in sous vide.”


From innovative production facilities like our LEED-certified plant in San Antonio, TX, to our cooking methods that produce lower emissions than traditional processing facilities, Cuisine Solutions is committed to investments in sustainability.

Named Food Engineering Magazine’s 2021 Sustainable Plant of the Year and San Antonio Business Journal’s Best Industrial Project in 2021, our $200 million Texas facility features the largest community solar installation in San Antonio, stormwater management, a water recycling program, and the use of compressed earth blocks (CEB), allowing for future expansion without disruption to the surrounding environment.



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