French for “under vacuum,” sous vide is a cooking method in which food is sealed and slow-cooked in water at precise temperatures. The method was discovered by Cuisine Solutions Chief Scientist, Dr. Bruno Goussault. Sous vide gives our chefs complete control to create incredible textures and impeccable flavor every time. Sous vide cooking can be used for food preparation of a wide range of ingredients, including poultry, beef, pork, fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruits, gourmet sauces, and desserts. It has become a staple of commercial kitchens around the world and is rapidly revolutionizing the way food is prepared, served, and enjoyed.


From our sous vide egg bites for Starbucks to seared beef short ribs in bulk, our team of food scientists and professional chefs give kitchens the tools to prep like the kitchen of the future. Over 30,000 restaurants are already serving sous vide products from Cuisine Solutions along with major retail, hospitality, and travel brands around the world. 

With sous vide as the cornerstone of your menu, consistency and quality are a given. Plus, since our products are pre-cooked, chefs can cut back on prep time, serve guests faster, and increase table turnover rate. Most products can be plated immediately after reheating or with some additional finishing touches at the chef’s discretion. Finally, with up 18 months of frozen shelf life, you never have to worry about running out of ingredients mid-service. So with more time and more money, your team can focus on serving up extraordinary meals that will keep your guests coming back time and time again. This allows you to focus on growing your business. 

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Sous vide is a technique used by chefs for decades to ensure food quality and safety in kitchens of all sizes both efficiently and effectively. Chefs and food scientists alike incorporate sous vide cooking into their food business to create consistent, delicious food with fewer traditional prep steps. Sous vide offers these benefits and more to kitchens in a wide range of industries from restaurants, hospitality, and travel to retail, catering, and event venues.

Recently, sous vide has also made its way into the commercial market with a variety of consumer and pro-grade sous vide equipment options now available. Additionally, ready-to-heat-and-serve sous vide meals of all kinds, from proteins to sides across dozens of culinary styles, are available at many national retail chains as well as at-home delivery, including directly from Cuisine Solutions. As a result, diners are now able to enjoying the benefits of sous vide at home and when dining out more than ever before; it’s popularity is only growing!

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  • Once our chefs create a recipe, our precise sous vide cooking method allows us to replicate the recipe over and over—for an excellent outcome every time. 
  • Our computerized monitoring systems and precise temperatures and cooking times ensure the highest level of quality on the plate 
  • Our products are protected from shrinkage and over- and under-cooking, so there’s no guesswork during your preparation 
  • Our center-of-the-plate items are preferred by top chefs throughout the world 
  • The consistency of the sous vide technique means our products are uniformly excellent, whether you’re serving dinner for two or a banquet for 2,000 
  • Little to no preparation work is required before cooking because the sous vide technique helps to maintain the food’s natural flavors and integrity. 
  • In many instances, the process of sous vide also removes the need for additional aromatics, marinades, seasonings, or tenderizers by locking in and preserving the desired flavors during the initial cooking process. 
    • We also offer many options for standard sous-vide products which are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes and culinary styles 
  • Our global production network helps alleviate food supply concerns with reliable production and delivery of the products you rely on the most 


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