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From banquets to grab-n-go to in-room dining, the hospitality industry has evolved and we’re here to help you do the same. Maximize your guest experience while reducing labor and food cost with premium sous vide products from the company with 50+ years of culinary innovation experience. Find out why the world’s top hotel groups and over 4,000 hotel properties rely on us to help them provide high quality, consistent dining experience to their guests.

Memorable Dining Experiences with Less Labor & Waste

With our unique assortment of fully-cooked products, you can finally deliver an excellent guest experience while keeping your food costs low. Our sous vide solutions allow kitchens to prep and serve with minimal time and skilled labor requirements. On average, kitchens are able to reduce labor and food costs by 2%. Additionally, the waste reduction associated with sous vide products means that you could potentially generate profit with zero waste.

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Safe, Consistent, and Easy Reheats

Our fully cooked and pasteurized products mean that your kitchen can produce safe and consistent results every single time. With limitless reheating methods and quick reheating times, you can provide five-star service and quality without worrying about long delays.

Sous vide also provides flexible options for kitchen setups. Consider a hoodless or ventless kitchen? We have you covered.

Top Hotel & Lodging Products

Our premium sous vide creations help deliver truly memorable dining experiences for worldwide hotels, regional lodging, and resorts of many sizes. Explore our offerings to view preparation information and dietary guidelines.

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Partnering to Find the Perfect Products

Our chefs will work with your staff to find or create the perfect sous vide products to match the needs of your business. Our experienced team of chefs has worked in a variety of industries around the world and developed thousands of menus for every kind of kitchen. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you!

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“Labor, talent, and staffing is a challenge for all of us in the industry globally. Innovative, technology-based products like these allow our chefs to have creativity and a personal touch and not do as much work in the middle.”

Brad Nelson

Vice President, Global Food + Beverage, Marriott International

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