Seared Beef Short Ribs

Item #5255
Sliced Beef Short Ribs

Seared Beef Short Ribs

Item #5255

Beef short ribs slow cooked in their own juices for 72 hours—in many ways the quintessential sous vide dish. The precision of sous-vide creates premium beef products like this, with intense flavor and delicate texture, every time.


Item #5255

Take a few prep steps out of your kitchen’s hands. Offer premium beef products on your menu that deliver in mouthfeel and flavor consistently and at scale with commercial orders.

  • From Frozen

    Convection Oven: 70 minutes at 350°F
    Combi Oven: 115 minutes at 140°F
    Microwave: 6 minutes (1100 watts)
    Water Bath: 50 minutes at 159°F

    From Thawed

    Convection Oven: 50 minutes at 350°F
    Microwave: 4 minutes (1100 watts)
    Combi Oven: 85 minutes at 140°F
    Water Bath: 38 minutes at 159°F

Bone in Beef short rib with sauce on plate


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