Seared Grilled Chicken Breast

Item #6057
Seared Grilled Chicken topped with Chives

Seared Grilled Chicken Breast

Item #6057

It’s easy to achieve the perfect cooked temperature, flavor, and texture with our prepared chicken breasts. Before slow-cooking sous vide, we lightly season each breast with savory spices and grill to achieve appealing grill marks and a light smoky flavor. Finally, we sous vide the chicken breast to the perfect, juicy temperature.

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Item #6057

This sous vide chicken breast is a deliciously versatile performer in any kitchen. Grilled and seared, the chicken’s flavor is enhanced while its natural juices are sealed in and slowly cooked sous vide so tenderness and nutrition are assured.

  • From Frozen
    Convection Oven: 25–30 minutes at 350°F
    Combi Oven: 40–45 minutes at 140°F. / 10–12 minutes at 200°F
    Microwave: 4–6 minutes (1100 watts)

    From Thawed
    Convection Oven: 13–15 minutes at 350°F
    Combi Oven: 35–40 minutes at 140°F / 5–8 minutes at 200°F
    Microwave: 2–3 minutes (1100 watts)

Seared Grilled Chicken Breast with lemon wedges


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