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The Hospitality Industry’s Response to The Ongoing Challenges in F&B


July 31, 2022

Given the lack of readily available staff and the ever-present need for F&B programs to uphold quality service and guest expectations, hotels need to adapt their current programming.

One way to do this is to look for food prep vendors who offer sous vide solutions such as Cuisine Solutions, which alleviates some of the pressures on hotel management instigated by the pandemic including labor pressure and food inflation costs. Having pre-prepped, quality-assured solutions allows managers to free up staff for other tasks in the kitchen and in the dining room.

Sous viding is an efficient way to cook quality food without extraneous steps or procedures involved, a monumental step forward for understaffed F&B hotel teams. Any chef, with proper training, will find that sous vide is a quick, efficient way to cook quality food. Another great aspect of the sous vide process is that it reduces waste, something that is increasingly on the minds of food leaders.

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