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Could Sous Vide Rapid Cook Kitchens Be The Answer To The Looming National Gas Bans?


July 14, 2023

Portrait of Chef AJ Schaller

In May 2023, New York State ratified a ban on natural gas and other fossil fuels in new buildings starting in 2026, which could easily turn into a national ban and mean big trouble for restaurants. Once implemented, the law will prohibit the use of natural gas, which roughly 76% of American restaurants use.

Cuisine Solutions, the leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods, alongside its research and development arm, The Culinary Research & Education Academy (CREA) have for decades helped restaurants streamline their F&B programs, reducing labor costs, waste, and prep time.

Now, with the gas bans looming, CREA and Cuisine Solutions products could be the answer to restaurateurs’ stove woes. The team at CREA have been assisting restaurants like Jon Taffer’s new Taffer’s Tavern concept to create hoodless, high tech, rapid cook kitchens that are fully electric, eliminating any gas concerns. CREA helps businesses and restaurateurs build out these kitchens, providing equipment recommendations and developing the menu using Cuisine Solutions’ sous vide products, allowing for quality-controlled dishes.

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