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How Sous Vide Can Change The Game for Restauranteurs


November 11, 2022

Chefs topping various dishes

What initially began as a method to enhance food quality has been shown to offer bottom-line benefits as well—notably, when working with an expertsous vide supplier. Working with a well-prepared supplier allows a restaurant to purchase in advance, lock in prices while they are low and store product for later use. This allows restaurants to create a long-term plan and properly prepare for the future without dealing with the extra costs of inflation.  

Entrusting the preparation of many core ingredients—most often, center-of-the-plate proteins—to a sous vide supplier reduces prep time and helps kitchens maximize their available labor. As sous vide products are sold ready-to-eat, restaurants can cut prep time to mere minutes. Using fully cooked products allows the staff to focus on other areas such as elevating the dish with creative finishing touches, marketing and creating a seamless guest experience. 

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