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Cuisine Solutions’ Bertholon Sees Sous Vide as Long-Term Labor Solution


October 5, 2021

Portrait of Chef Gerard Bertholon

The pandemic has caused many changes to the restaurant industry, outdoor dining, increased use of takeout and delivery, but none may be harder to handle than the reduction of staff. The post-Pandemic reopening labor shortage has left many restaurant owners and foodservice operators scrambling to find solutions for their reduced staff. Cuisine Solutions believes that they have found one of those solutions: sous vide.

There are many pundits in the industry, that simply don’t buy into the idea that when many restaurant workers saw their enhanced unemployment benefits terminated last month, that they would be quick to return. “We are going to quickly find out that many of these folks have moved on,” noted Cuisine Solutions Chief Strategy Officer, Gerard Bertholon. “In some cases, they have found new opportunities in healthcare or construction.”

With that reality in mind, Bertholon and his Cuisine Solutions team have fine-tuned a sous vide solution to minimize the need for culinary staff while maximizing menu quality.

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