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Nolan Popper

Director of Innovation

Portrait of Chef Nolan Popper

Johnson and Wales University, Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse

Serve Safe Certified

Past Experience:
Line Cook Amis Trattoria, Blackfish Restaurant and Catering Company, SnapChef

Home Country:
United States

Favorite Cuisine:
Thai and Japanese

What’s your favorite city for eating?

What’s always in your refrigerator?
Iced green tea and lots of fruit

What’s your favorite white wine? Red wine?
Sauvignon blanc and pinot noir

What would be your last meal?
A full spread of sushi, nigiri, and all the sides to go with it

Do you have a guilty food pleasure?
Mozzarella sticks!

Do you have a secret ingredient in your cooking?
I love garlic and try to incorporate it into everything I can

What’s your dream vacation?
Fiji or Bora Bora


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