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Irvin Van Oordt

Senior Chef Consultant, National Restaurant Chains

Portrait of Chef Irvin Van Oordt

School of Hard Knocks

HACCP & Serve Safe

Past Experience:
Central Restaurant Lima, 2:am Dessert Bar (Singapore), Midsummer House (UK), Mini Bar By Jose Andres (DC), Willows Inn, Tiger Fork (DC), Le Diplomate (DC), Pure Grey (NYC)

Home Country:

Favorite Cuisine:
EVERYTHING! Umami, Weird, and Delicious

Kitchen Advice:
Be true to yourself and find your own path. Be inspired and inspire others.

What’s Your Favorite City For Eating?
Hong Kong

What’s Always In Your Refrigerator?
Tokyo Banana (so good!)

What’s Your Favorite White Wine? Favorite Red?
Orange Wine

What Would Be Your Last Meal?
Singaporean Chili Crab or Black Pepper Crab

Do You Have A Guilty Food Pleasure?
Cannabis-infused foods

Do You Have a Secret Ingredient In Your Cooking?

What’s Your Dream Vacation?
Portugal & Hong Kong


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