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How the Art of Sous Vide Can Assist with Food Inflation


July 11, 2022

Different plated meals

With the restaurant industry experiencing labor shortages and rising labor costs, simplifying cooking processes and decreasing prep times has been a boon to the industry.

In a traditional restaurant environment, the prep cook spends many hours organizing, stocking items, chopping and boiling ingredients, reducing stocks, and many other time-consuming tasks. Sous vide can greatly reduce the amount of time that workers spend on these duties. The food is already fully cooked, ready to be served. Vendors offer prepared sous vide protein dishes, stews, sauces, soups, vegetarian dishes, pasta meals, and even dessert items, some of which come fully seasoned. Nearly every part of a menu can be prepared using sous vide.

Using sous vide suppliers is also a way for restaurants to lock in prices for future events, banquets, or menu offerings. Inflation is slated to increase the cost of food supplies for the foreseeable future, as transportation costs and supply chain constraints continue to rise. Business owners can purchase sous vide prepared foods far in advance, essentially setting a fixed cost to their food supplies for a longer time. This offers a chance for businesses to take future inflationary price increases out of the equation.

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