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Heading Back to Restaurants? Here’s What to Expect


May 1, 2021

curbside pickup

You’ll Still Be Able to Order Booze, But You May Also Get a Meal Kit

Atlanta based-chef Chris Buffin, owner/chef at Swell Cuts, is a big believer in the portable chef experience. “Restaurants will morph into offering meal kits in their establishment aside from their dining services. I’ve seen a market open up for private chefs coming in-home to deliver that personal touch.” Sean Wheaton, VP of Culinary for Cuisine Solutions is hoping to make meal kits an ongoing part of the future of dining. “We want to expand with chef-created meal services for all meals, but also making our frozen sous-vide products available at the touch of a button.” Alcohol sales will also become more flexible according to Flynn Dekker, CEO Bonchon. “I think many states will relax laws around alcohol-to-go for the long term. The acceptance of it is here to stay. Property development and zoning will need to be adjusted to accommodate outdoor consumption of alcohol.”

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