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Cover Story with Felipe Hasselmann of CS DAK


February 8, 2021

Felipe Hasslemann

Among the major impacts of the Pandemic on the restaurant and foodservice industry has been a heightened focus on safety. Many foodservice operators across Metro New York and the Nation have turned to sous vide cooking to find a solution. The highly acclaimed technique of vacuum sealing and slow-cooking foods in a hot-water bath continues to grow in popularity.

With that in mind, Total Food Service sought out the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sous vide foods: Cuisine Solutions and their President and CEO Felipe Hasselmann. Headquartered in Sterling, VA, the company operates six plants across the globe. From big-name clients like Hilton, Costco, and others in the restaurant, airline, hotel, and foodservice sectors, Hasselmann took us inside the sous vide industry.

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