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Sean Wheaton

Vice President of Culinary

Portrait of Chef Sean Wheaton

California Culinary Academy, Class of a long time ago

Home Country:
California, US

Favorite Cuisine:
Nikkei (Peruvian / Japanese) or maybe Persian.

Kitchen Advice:
Cook hungry and remember to sharpen your knives

What’s Your Favorite City For Eating?
In the U.S., I like San Francisco. There are so many unassuming gems.

What’s Always In Your Refrigerator?
Yogurt and Cholula hot sauce, not together

What’s Your Favorite White Wine? Favorite Red?
When in doubt, Bubbles! For sitting and drinking; New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, with food Albariño. Red for sitting and drinking Petit Syrah, With food Carignan

What Would Be Your Last Meal?
Sushi, simple perfection

Do You Have A Guilty Food Pleasure?

Do You Have a Secret Ingredient In Your Cooking?
Of Course…

What’s Your Dream Vacation?
Eating and Diving tour of SE Asia


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