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With Inflation Spiking, Sous Vide Is The Cost-Saving Solution For Restaurants, Hotels & On-Board Services in 2022


March 8, 2022

plated sliced roast beef

Sous vide is becoming the cooking technique of choice for restaurants, hotels and on-board services, seeking to realign their operations strategies to address inflation, job shortages and waste reduction. The technique involves sealing food ingredients in food-grade packaging and cooking the items at precise times and temperatures in water. The technique has quickly gained traction in the industry, as culinary leaders begin to recognize the benefits beyond texture, flavor, color, and consistency. Chefs are coming to the realization that apart from the cost and labor-saving benefits of the sous vide method, working with a vendor who supplies them with precooked sous vide proteins, sauces, grains, plant-based eggs and more, will add game-changing efficiency and time-savings.

One of the many issues that restaurants, hotels and banquet halls face is waste. Waste is a natural occurrence in the sequence of preparing any meal. From the time meat is cut, packaged, and transported to its final destination, experts speculate that buyers might only receive 90% of the product actually purchased. With chicken, for example, many factors generate waste before the product reaches restaurants.

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