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Cuisine Solutions’ Sustainable Sous Vide


September 9, 2021

Portrait of Chef Gerard Bertholon

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the passenger services industry. Occupancy rates are fluctuating, labor availability is low, ingredients and commodities markets are ever-changing, and supply chain disruptions create outages on basic materials, making it exceedingly difficult to run an operation. Transportation leaders across sectors have turned to Cuisine Solutions, the global sous vide manufacturer, to ensure consistency, predictability and labor pressure relief.

The company has been helping airlines, cruises, hotels and restaurants withstand the current labor shortage. Cuisine Solutions supplies sous vide items, such as quality proteins, that food & beverage staff can then add fresh ingredients to, building a menu with multiple selections. It helps combat the staffing scarcity and reduces waste, while still ensuring delicious, nourishing food options.

Cuisine Solutions has not only been an operational aid — it is also recognized for its corporate social responsibility practices. In April, it was named Food Engineering Magazine’s ‘2021 Sustainable Plant of the Year’ for its sous vide processing facility in San Antonio, Texas. The facility, built in 2020, is the largest such facility in the world measuring 315,000 square feet and with nearly US$200 million in investment.

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