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Robert Carkin

Executive Chef, CREA

Portrait of Chef Robert Carkin

Culinary Institute of America Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Associates of Culinary Arts

ServSafe Instructor and Servsafe Examination Proctor, Servsafe Manager. Working on getting my Certified Research Chef Certificate through the Research Chef’s Association

Past Experience:
My most recent experience prior to Cuisine Solutions was in Corporate Catering. I also have experience in hotels, catering, restaurants, and as a private chef.

Home Country:

Favorite Cuisine:

Kitchen Advice:
Never stop learning. You can teach a good attitude easier than you can teach a “know it all”

What’s Your Favorite City For Eating?

What’s Always In Your Refrigerator?
Sriracha or some sort of hot sauce

What’s Your Favorite White Wine? Favorite Red?
Sauvignon Blanc, Tannat

What Would Be Your Last Meal?
Tough question but I’m fond of foie gras mousse rolled in black truffle flakes served with warm brioche.

Do You Have A Guilty Food Pleasure?
Reese’s Cups or Chocolate/Peanut butter combo

Do You Have a Secret Ingredient In Your Cooking?
Not necessarily a secret ingredient but I feel acid (lemon juice, vinegar, etc) get overlooked and are just as important as salt when enhancing flavors.

What’s Your Dream Vacation?
Backpack or cross-country food trip through Italy countryside


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