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Three things to eat and drink during your Labor Day weekend


August 17, 2021

Grilled beef rib macaroni and cheese and grilled chicken

We’ve got some suggestions for your Labor Day meals and beverages.

Sous vide meals from Cuisine Solutions

You can entertain your Labor Day guests effortlessly with a sous vide meal prepared by Alexandria, Virginia-based Cuisine Solutions. Sous vide is a cooking method where the food and seasoning are combined in a vacuum-sealed bag and then cooked in a circulating water bath. Cuisine Solutions will ship you vegetarian entrees; proteins, from seafood to lamb; sauces; side dishes; and even solutions for breakfast. We tried the Together Again BBQ Bundle, and received chicken breasts that had been lightly grilled and sous vide-cooked to a perfect 160 degrees, and short ribs that had been seared and then cooked at 180 degrees for hours, until they were falling-off-the-bone tender. Both were accompanied by an Asian-style barbecue sauce of hoisin, soy and black bean garlic, and all of this came with a huge helping of cavatappi, with a creamy sauce made with six cheeses.

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