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Cuisine Solutions Celebrates 6th International Sous Vide Day on January 26th & Honors Birthday of Dr. Bruno Goussault


January 11, 2023

Portrait of Chef Bruno Gousssult

Cuisine Solutions, the global leader and largest premium food company in pioneering and perfecting the sous vide cooking technique, will celebrate their 6th International Sous Vide Day on January 26th, honoring the 81st  birthday of Dr. Bruno Goussault, the Master of Modern Sous Vide and Chief Scientist of CREA (Culinary Research and Education Academy), the research and innovation arm of Cuisine Solutions.

This year, Cuisine Solutions will host a global celebration with a trio of exclusive events in Washington D.C.Thailand, and France. Celebrated master chefs and industry leaders will come together to experience the artistry and history of the sous vide cooking method, pioneered by Dr. Goussault over 50 years ago in 1971.

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