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As subscription meal kit delivery services are continuing to rapidly expand, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customers are receiving top-quality meals or ingredients. Our sous vide product are uniquely fit to meet this demand. We offer delicious, ready-to-eat dishes as well as pre-cooked base ingredients that are perfect for cook-at-home kits.

Customer Satsifaction in Every Box

Our chefs have done the hard work of product development for you! We’ve developed hundreds of outstanding sous vide dishes including breakfast options, portioned chicken, beef, seafood, grains, sauces, and more. Additionally, we have options for a variety of diets including, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

Choose from over 300 available SKUs and see for yourself how Cuisine Solutions sous vide products offer a unique solution to an ever more demanding customer base that expects high quality, consistent meals at an affordable price.

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Minimize Labor & Waste, Maximize Safety

Alleviate operational pressures by incorporating our pre-cooked, ready-to-heat products into your meal kit menu options. By sealing high quality ingredients in specially designed pouches, our sous vide method naturally pasteurizes ingredients and minimizes the possibility of contamination. It also locks in the juices and seasonings of the dish which allows a frozen shelf life of up to 18 months while maintaining premium texture and flavor. Reheating is quick, easy, and requires less skilled labor than scratch cooking.

Altogether, you’ll save time and money on your operations while delivering high-quality meals to your customers.

Top Meal Kit Products

Discover our chef-created products that will help you deliver memorable at-home dining experiences.

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Increase Your Menu Flexibility

Our team of expert chefs has experience in a variety of culinary styles and is ready to help you curate a menu to fit your exact needs and customer demands. Our sous vide products can be cross-utilized in many different cuisine types, seasonal dishes, and dietary preferences.

Contact us today to learn how Cuisine Solutions can help you save money while delivering increased menu flexibility.

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