Green Curry Sauce

Item #7404

Green Curry Sauce

Item #7404

Our Green Curry sauce has a sweet complex flavor with coconut milk and a mix of fresh herbs, with hints of basil, coriander, and a touch of green chili. Ready to be served with any chose of protein or steamed vegetable mix.


Item #7404

Take a few prep steps out of your kitchen’s hands. Offer premium sauces on your menu that deliver in safety and flavor consistently and at scale with commercial orders.

  • Conventional Oven: Preheat to 350°F
    From Frozen:
    45-50 minutes
    From Thawed:
    18 minutes

    Water Immersion:
    Preheat to 140°F/200°F
    From Frozen: 50-60 minutes/ 20-25 minutes
    From Thawed: 40-45 minutes/ 8-10 minutes

    1100 watts
    From Frozen: 10-13 minutes
    From Thawed: 5-8 minutes

  • A delicious sauce to compliment a serving of rice or steamed vegetables or spring rolls.


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