Quinoa Blend

Item #5446

Quinoa Blend

Item #5446

Vegan and packed with protein and iron, quinoa is one of the healthiest grains available today. A zesty mix of red and golden quinoa, lemon, cumin, and black pepper your customers are sure to love.

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Item #5446

Take a few prep steps out of your kitchen’s hands. Offer premium sides on your menu that deliver in safety and flavor consistently and at scale with commercial orders.

  • From Frozen
    Convection Oven: 40-45 minutes at 375°F
    Water Immersion: 40-45 minutes at 185°F
    Microwave: 15-16 minutes (1100 watts)

    From Thawed
    Convection Oven: 35-38 minutes at 375°F
    Water Immersion: 18-20 minutes at 185°F
    Microwave: 4-5 minutes (1100 watts)

  • Serves as the ideal base for a summer grain salad or healthy side.

Quinoa Blend with greens topped with seared salmon


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