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AJ Schaller

Executive Chef, CREA

Portrait of Chef AJ Schaller

Culinary Institute of America AOS

HACCP Certification, Rutgers University
ServSafe Managers, Academie Culinaire de France, American Culinary Federation

Past Experience:
Culinary Manager, Daniel Boulud’s Dinex Group; Executive Chef, Corkbuzz, Stagaire, Restaurant Michel Bras

Home Country:
United States

Favorite Cuisine:

What’s your favorite white wine? Red wine?
Sauvignon Blanc and Bordeaux

Favorite cooking show?
The Mind of a Chef

What’s your favorite middle-of-the-night snack?
Fried egg and bacon sandwich

What would you prepare for a romantic meal?
Something that would involve Champagne and lobster

Favorite comfort food?
Shrimp and grits

Name a challenging dish to prepare.
Galette de Rois

What’s your dream vacation?


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